Veritas Classical Schools (VCS) acknowledges that children are a gift from the Lord. They are given to parents who are commanded to be faithful stewards of God’s good gift. As such, parents bear immediate responsibility for the academic and spiritual nurturing of their children–nurturing which necessarily includes instruction in the philosophical, historical, and theological foundations of the Christian faith.

VCS further acknowledges that this process necessarily includes instruction in what truth is, how to identify it, and how to detect falsehood—all of which is pursued within the context of a comprehensive Christian understanding of God and his creation.

VCS exists to provide home schooled students with:

  • An integrated core curriculum in history, literature, composition, grammar, critical thinking, and vocabulary/language,
  • Teacher directed assignments designed to organize and outline students’ work at home,
  • Accountability for completed assignments,
  • Evaluation of student’s progress by experienced educators,
  • Weekly classroom interaction with peers, and
  • Teaching of advanced subjects with enrichment activities that may be difficult to include in a homeschool environment.

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